Thursday, December 13, 2007

Gerard's Garage

Hi all,
I decided to add a blog to Gerard's Garage.

I hope you will add your comments and stories here.

Have fun!


Anonymous said...

My name is Tifton, I live in Georgia. Read your baulk ring story. Just built my transmission with the new style baulk ring. If you find out who has the old style baulk ring. Would you please let me know?
Thank you,

Anonymous said...

Gerard, your email is not working. I am trying to reply to your email regarding something on SFFN.

--Warren in SFFN

Anonymous said...


Where can i find the old style baulk rings for my mini ?

Greetings from holland

Krystal said...


I found your blog through your post on the Panasonic Plasma Fail blog. I saw your post about the problems you've had with your 42" plasma tv. I'm doing legal research for a law firm that is working on putting together a class action case in California against Panasonic in regards to the "blinking lights of death" issues. I would love to hear more about your experience with the tv, with Panasonic and to find out what has happened in your situation since you posted on the Panasonic Plasma Fail blog. If you're willing to share your story with me, I can be reached at


Anonymous said...

I have several datsun 4 and five speed trans, you are welcome to them if you come and get them also have several rebuildable 1200-1400 datsun motors again come and get them otherwise they are going to the scrap yard in 1-2 weeks if you dont i'm just outside of sacramento 916 991 6911 921 O st rio linda, again they are free but going to the scrap yard veery soon

Anonymous said...

Hi Gerard:
I found your site through the Morris Minor Autoshrine. Great information! I am thinking of converting an early MM Minor to a Midget 1275 engine and gearbox, LHD, so I am interested in your hydraulic conversion. Can't find your email address, mine is if you could please send some details. Thanks, Chris.

Anonymous said...

Hi, My name is Don. I live in SC. Recently I purchased a 1979 Datsun 210 4 speed transmission with the horizontal drain plug for my MG Midget. It is a 1970 model with the 1275 engine. The reason I chose the 4 speed was due to price and availability of the 5 speed. Also i don't plan to drive on the Hiway alot. My question to you is I'm interested in the kit you have advertised. What is the price and how does one go about ordering one? My e-mail is look forward to your reply. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hey Gerard,
I have just happened upon your website and am hoping you can help me. I'm restoring a 1963 Lotus √Član for a pal of mine. As crunched as the front end is, we've decided to change the headlights to a 'fixed' look instead of the rotating 'hide-away' original style. In keeping with the era, I would like to source vintage chrome trim rings and mounting buckets and so forth. We could use Morris Minor, or bugeye, or anything British early '60's. We even have money to pay!!
Thanks for your knowledge and assistance.

Bruce Eide. 605.376.5941.

Iain said...

Hello Gerard
Very interested in the rear oil seal conversion you do for A series midget. I already fitted a Moss one and changed the seal once and it still leaks a lot! All the racers say take it off and refit the scroll but Moss say theyve never had a problem!(I think they are not telling the truth)
Anyway have you some guarantee that yours will work please as Im sick of leaving a puddle of oil when I stop somewhere lol! Please email details and price to UK to
Cheers Iain.

Gerard said...


Thank you for your comments. I will email you directly, but you can see the type of endorsement my seal design has here:,2681890,2681890#msg-2681890

Anonymous said...

I need some help sourcing updated rear brake back plates for a bugeye??

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know that I have a very nice Austin A60 ute that I purchased in N.Z. I likely will be selling it as I am 72 now and am selling off my collection of Austin. (A40 ute, A60 ute, A70 ute and London Taxi) I can be reached at

Pierre Alain said...

Hi Gerard,
in the period bonnets page's you mention a bonnet from switzerland,
could you tell me where did you find this information ?
The one on my sprite has the same bonnet and is a bit damage in front, then I'm looking forward to have some more spec and pictures to fix it correctly.
Thanks said...

Wanted to get that tilt kit for my Bugeye but "CAPTCHA" not working.
Ray Jenkins

Jerry Norris said...

I am an automotive instructor at a Community College in Nebraska. My students are currently restoring a 1959 Bugeye as a school project. We have the 948cc engine completed and recently found out about your one piece rear main seal kit. We would like to purchase if possible...we are having a difficult time contacting you. If you are still in business please e-mail me would appreciate you selling us this kit before we install the engine. Thank you.
Jerry Norris

Anonymous said...

I am interested in the rear seal conversion and would like price and availability. Thanks, Fred

Paul Hawkins said...

Captcha isn't working so I can't email you.

I am interested in the rear seal conversion and would like price and availability (and shipping to UK).


Anonymous said...

I need the 948 rear seal, can you contact me at 229-224-3347 or at towman53@
I would like price and would like to order

Anonymous said...

Hello - I have a 210 5-speed that is slightly different than most. Rather than FL, it is stamped ER. Looks to have at one time been painted dark green, not sure if from the factory. The other odd thing is that the oval boss on the front top bellhousing has a cover plate held with two screws, rather than being cast over. Otherwise, it seems exactly like an FL. Non-dogleg, 60-series, vertical drain plug. Any idea of why this is stamped ER? Thanks!

Arnold said...

I am interested in buying the 5 speed conversion as well as a rear seal kit. Captcha is not working, so how do I contact you?


Gerard said...

Arnold, please leave me your email address and I will contact you.

Gerard said...

You can also find me on the MG Experience and AH Experience forums.

Arnold said...

Gerard, please contact me at

Anonymous said...

Hello can you let me know about the Datsun 5 speed situation you have and I was wondering have you ever run into a problem with radiation on those Datsun trans from the parts coming from Japan. I may want a 5 speed trans and kit but it must be radiation free and checked and cleared of radiation ( Geiger counter ) Steve P.S. My car goes in this Friday so please let me know as soon as possible Spridget 1275 engine I may or may not go for the whole thing

Gerard said...

Steve, Thanks for your interest, but I have no way of testing for radiation. However, the gearboxes are from the late 70's early 80's so it's not an issue. None of my parts come from Japan, not even the rebuild kits and the kit is predominantly US made.